Our Team

Each of our consultants has between 10 and 25 years’ experience in providing technical assistance support within the health sector in developing countries. TeAM key personnel has a long experience of working with most of National TB, HIV and Malaria managers, with the Global Fund grants’ Principal Recipients and Sub-Recipients, Ministries of Health, and international NGOs. TeAM consultants have built along their career close link with TB, HIV and Malaria programme managers from most developing countries in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, Pacific and the Americas, which facilitates communication and trust.

TeAM experts have contributed to all development steps and strategy of the Global Fund processes since its inception in 2002, including the GF 2017-2022 strategy, NFM concept notes and grant making, GF M&E toolkit version 1 to 4, GF eligibility criteria.TeAM is pre-qualified by Expertise France (EF) channel 1 since 2012, the Global Fund in collaboration with HMST company on Indefinite Quantity Contracts (IQCs) to support Global Fund Country Coordinating Mechanisms (CCMs) since 2014, by the Global Fund /GAVI /WHO to support « Ministries of Health on assessments of health Service facility readiness, data quality, analytical and national plans», and by the Global Fund since 2016 on Health Facility Assessment/Data Quality Review (HFA/DQR).

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